Domestic Metal

A few nights ago I was taking apart my box spring and a bunch of cool staples, as long as vampire teeth, were wedged into the wood. I started to realize how many things are made from metal in my room and around my house.

I of course went to the kitchen and found spoons, knives, and so on.

That’s when it clicked: photocopy collage of domestic metals. Metals that stay around the house but are distinct and specific tools for living.


I wanted to combine the two cohorts (building tools and kitchen tools) not so much that they clashed together, not so they would battle for the attention of the owners hands, but that they would coexist.

If usual domestic metals had feelings, I think the kitchen items would be happiest and the tool box metals would be depressed. The kitchen metals get to be played with daily, the poor tool box metals hide in a claustrophobic jail until they are needed.

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